Last revised: Feb 15, 2024 (1.4, 11.4)

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SunNeT CA Inc. Terms and Conditions of use that are detailed below (also referred to as : ”conditions of use” or T&C) constitute the agreement between you and SunNet Ca Inc.


For clarity, your continued access to and use of ViPS Feature shall constitute your acceptance of these SunNet Ca Inc. Terms and all other terms that are incorporated herein, including any updates or modifications to them from time to time.




1.1 These SunNet Ca Inc Terms (as updated from time to time) govern your access to and use of the ViPS Feature, and are entered into by, and constitute a legally binding agreement between you (hereinafter referred to as “you” or “your”) and the relevant ViPS Operator (hereinafter also referred to as “us” or “we”).


1.2 By accessing, downloading, using or attempting to use any SunNet Inc. Services (as defined below) in any capacity, and/or by clicking on “Submit” or “Continue” to accept any SunNet Inc. Services provided by SunNet Inc., you acknowledge and agree that: (a) you have read, understood, accepted and agree to be bound by these usage Terms, our SunNet Inc. Terms (the terms of which shall be fully incorporated by reference into these SunNet Ca Inc. Terms), and our Privacy Policy accessible here:Privacy Policy;


1.3 We may change or amend these SunNet Ca inc. Terms, or add new or remove existing features and change any part of the ViPS Features, at any time at our sole and absolute discretion. In respect of any changes or amendments to these SunNet Ca Inc. Terms, such changes will be effective as of the “last revised” date referred to at the top of this page. In addition, you also acknowledge and agree that SunNet Ca Inc. may (but shall not be obliged) to notify you of any changes to the ViPS Features or to these SunNet Ca Inc. Terms. In this regard, you agree and undertake to regularly refer to these SunNet Ca Inc. Terms and any other announcements that SunNet Ca Inc. may make from time to time, through any communication channels that SunNet Ca Inc. may deem fit.


1.4 Your property management company may set monthly, weekly, or daily maximum permit limits. This cap resets on the first of each month and may be determined by the number of spaces available, the number of units per month, or by the number of license plates per month.

If, at the end of the month in which you are registering, you are notified that you currently have valid permits available, and if the total number of permits available exceeds the number of days available in the current month. Please be advised that all of your available notified permit limitations will be cancelled (reset) as of the first day of the next month. If applicable, your maximum permission limits will be restored (every month) on the first day of the following week or month.

The glossary for the terms used in this agreement is as below:

The service” – An arrangement to pay parking fees for on and off street parking through the use of our and related services, which utilize phone, mobile phones, Smartphone and tablet Apps or our website.

ViPERMIT/PPO” – SunNet Ca., the company operating the parking arrangement through the use of cellular (mobile) phones, Smartphone applications and online website and its duly authorized officers and representatives.

The subscriber” – The person or company who joined the parking arrangement, including his heirs, the authorized users allowed by him, his representative or agent/s and the driver/s on his behalf.

The account” – The subscriber’s account that is conducted by SunNet Ca.

The authorities” – Parking authorities and/or Parking Operators that offer, directly or by an agent on their behalf, paid parking space/s for the public. “The additional services” – Services which will be provided by SunNet Ca  to the subscriber regarding parking payments and among them sending SMS’s (TXT) to the subscriber and ViPERMIT/ParkingPermitOnline (may also be referred to as ‘premium services’).

The website” – The internet website which is owned and operated by SunNet Ca inc.

Customer service” – SunNet Ca customer service operates from 1 hour before until 1 hour after paid or non paid parking hours, during paid or non parking days.

2.      Nature of the Relationship

The service provides you with a method for paying parking fees that arises from the use of regulated paid public parking places as well as for receiving additional services. The service does not allow you any right to use the parking areas whatsoever. The responsibility for allocating public parking places, and the extent of the parking fees applicable to those parking spaces is the exclusive responsibly of the authorities. You should address any complaint or question regarding those matters to the relevant authority. All notices, signs or directions made by relevant authorities, traffic attendants or authorized persons (e.g., the suspension of a parking space) shall take precedence over any information that you receive from SunNet Ca or that is available by SunNet Ca.

3.      Methods for joining the service (How to become a ViPermit/SunNet Ca subscriber)

A person who wishes to join the service can do so in one of three ways:

3.1  Online via ViPermit website registration page. This includes giving SunNet Ca authorization to debit your credit/debit card or Prepaid card, and obliges you to accept the conditions of use.

3.2  Via ViPS parking Smartphone apps (if available for your Smartphone OS)

3.3  Contact SunNet ca Customer service and execute the registration process as directed.

Any other method, should it become available, will be detailed in this section. A person wishing to join the service is obliged to provide SunNet Ca with reliable, correct and accurate information. Should you become aware that the information provided to SunNet ca is false, incorrect or inaccurate; you MUST inform SunNet Ca immediately and correct the false, incorrect or inaccurate information. It will be assumed that a subscriber, who has joined the service and accepted the conditions of use, has thoroughly read through the conditions of use, agrees to them, and waives any claim against them.

4.      Methods for using the service (How to use ViPERMIT)

As a subscriber, when you wish to use the service, you can do so in one of three ways:

4.1  Call from your home/mobile – Your mobile phone number or unit# is linked to your vehicle when you register. Simply call the ViPERMIT call-to-park number, select the license plate number you wish to register (if you have more than 1 vehicle registered), enter the zone number if public parking, other wise use your management provided PPO ID number and confirm in the end of process. The automated system will register that you’re parked. When you leave, just call again and the system will automatically end your session. You must have caller ID enabled so ViPERMIT can identify your account.

4.2  Use the SunNet Ca Smartphone app – If you have an Android or IOS Smartphone, you can use the ViPS Parking app to start your session. Start with your PPO ID# or the Zone number and hit ‘continue’ to begin. At the end you will be presented with the confirmation screen in the app to see when your parking session starts and expires.

4.3  Use your online account – Log in to your online account on the ViPERMIT website and start your parking session by going to the “” page, by entering your PPO ID# or ZONE ID#.

Any other method, should it become available, will be detailed in this section. You are responsible for correctly entering or selecting the vehicle and relevant PPO ID# or parking zone number, which is indicated on the parking meters or signs that apply to your parking space. The PPO ID# or parking zone number informs us of the rate to charge you for your parking and of any time restrictions on the amount of time you are permitted to park your vehicle in that property or zone. You should only start the service after you have found an available legal space. You are also responsible to make sure that a valid parking session has been initiated by you. This can be done by either listening to the confirmation message when calling the service, watching the final confirmation screen or receiving a message in the ‘ViPERMIT’ page of your online account. It is also your responsibility to choose correct the parking session when you park in the parking space (not applicable in all-day spaces). SunNet Ca Inc. is not responsible for any fines, parking tickets, penalty notices and the enforcement of vehicle parking related offenses you incur or receive. You are solely responsible for resolving with the relevant authorities any issues that you may have regarding the issuance of fines, parking tickets, penalty notices or your vehicle being impounded.

5.      Use of the service

A subscriber, who has joined the service for public parking, will provide SunNet Ca with the mobile phone number which the subscriber intends to use to operate the service. Activating the service with the mobile phone will be according to the procedure determined by SunNet Ca from time to time. You affirm and approve that you are aware that the use of the service is subject to the availability of the cellular network or datacenter to which your mobile phone is connected. You take upon yourself full responsibility for checking the availability of the cellular network or your email service to which your mobile phone or client belongs to and for making sure of the acceptance of your messages to ViPERMIT sent by the mobile phone and of your intention of using the service and/or of your intention to receive additional services. The full and exclusive responsibility for all the implications that may arise as a result of a failure in the cellular network to which your mobile phone belongs will apply only to you. This includes the payment of fines, parking tickets, etc. The use of mobile phones while driving is illegal and dangerous. You are required not to use the mobile phone while driving. SunNet Ca Inc. will not be responsible for any accidents, damage, loss or injury caused due to your use of the mobile phone in regard with the service and/or receiving additional services. We will also not responsible for any loss or damage that you may suffer as a result of you not using the services correctly or if you fail to comply with the conditions of use or any other instructions given to you by us. The service is to be used by adults only and individuals or companies that can form legally binding contracts under applicable law. Minors should only use the service if registration was made by their legal guardian and if all the conditions of use and the implications were explained to them. If you do not qualify, you are not permitted to use the services, and you do not have our consent to do so. In the event of failure to receive confirmation Email or SMS, you are responsible to contact SunNet Ca, if applicable or your private property administrator or service provider and obtain the copy of you registration details.

6.      Parking rates, fees invoices and payments

The Parking fees with which you shall be debited by SunNet Ca will be according to your usage and the tariffs which are determined by the authorities, from time to time, and in accordance with each authority’s current tariffs. Parking tariffs can be changed by the authorities at any time and modifications to parking tariffs are beyond our control. Any changes to parking tariffs by the authorities will result in us updating the tariffs with the same changes. Upon joining the service you give your consent and approval for the use of the credit/debit card or Prepaid card (given upon registration to SunNet Ca) to effect the payment of the parking fees and the services fees (if applicable). The payment of the parking fees and payment for the additional services to SunNet Ca will be done by you by means of your credit/debit card or Prepaid card balance. At all times you must have sufficient credit on the card account to pay the fees due at the time we request the payment from the credit or debit card company. Should SunNet Ca not be able to collect the payment due from you by means of your credit/debit card or prepaid card automatically, you must pay your debt to SunNet Ca Inc. within 7 days from being asked to do so in writing. Your failure to do so may result in you incurring additional fees on your debit or credit card and suspension of the service. Should you not pay your debt within 7 days, or if the transaction is rejected for a reason not caused by SunNet Ca Inc. a late payment fee of $20 will be added to the amount owed, your account may be blocked or terminated, at our sole discretion, and you may be subject to additional administration costs and fees in order to re-establish the service. We reserves the right to transfer the claims for unpaid parking fees to third parties for collection in which case you will reimburse us for all costs of collection, including reasonable attorneys’ fees. You will pay interest on all amounts not paid when due at the rate of 2% per month, or the highest lawful rate, whichever is less. SunNet Ca Inc. will also charge a chargeback fee of $35 for payments that were canceled (charged back) by you without notifying us first and without a justified reason and/or our consent for you to do so. Your parking transactions history, indicating the vehicle parked, mobile phone used, parking locations, times and costs is available and can accessible by you (if applicable) or by your service provider at all times via online account and can be printed or downloaded. Your registration, payment (if applicable) history is also available and can accessible by you (if applicable) or by your service provider at all times in your online account and can be printed or downloaded. We do not provide a service to send invoices by mail and if such a service were to be provided it would be subject to additional charges and fees.

If applicable and If your selected payment method is ViPERMIT wallet/Credit/Debit Card – your card will be charged once a month, on the 25th of the month for all the transactions that occurred during the month, including any service fees (if applicable). Upon registration and upon any subsequent card update we may conduct a $1 pre-auth to make sure the card entered is a valid card. This $1 is not a charge and is automatically refunded to your account (you do not need to do anything).

If your selected payment method is a Prepaid card – your balance will be charged at the end of each transaction.

In case you decide to switch between payment methods during the month – all transactions that occurred before the change will be charged to the payment method you had up to the change. (Upon changing from prepaid to Credit/Debit card – any prepaid balance remaining will become void).

7.      Service and Transaction fees

Should you elect to subscribe to the premium services which currently include SMS (text) reminders and the iMoved service – a service fee determined by SunNet Ca monthly to subscriber plus HST will be added to the monthly fees. The premium service fees are not charged on a ‘didn’t use – don’t pay’ basis which means subscriber will pay on a regular billing cycle, regardless usage and the number of transactions you had, the number of vehicles you actually used and the zones you have parked in. The service fee will be determined by SunNet Ca, from time to time, and will be notified by SunNet Ca or by its subcribers website (in this section of the Conditions of use). You can opt-in or out of the premium services at any time by contacting from any internet connected device or by calling or emailing our customer service. In some authorities, ViPERMIT may be required to charge a transaction fee for every parking transaction made using the system in that authority. In such cases – SunNet Ca will detail those authorities and the relevant transaction fees both under this section of the conditions of use and on the tariffs page on its website.

8.      SMS (Text) messages (as part of the premium service)

As a subscriber or user, you have the ability to change the SMS reminder option at registration page. The setup of your profile with respect to SMS messages, as well as the changes made by your management/service provider, shall be maintained by SunNet Ca on our website and in our database. You acknowledge and agree that the receipt of SMS or email confirmation messages are not guaranteed, may be delayed and may depend on various factors, such as Cellular network availability or server uptime. You acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for the deactivation of a parking transaction on time or taking action according to parking limitations (such as moving their vehicle on time) regardless if you have or haven’t received the SMS or email reminder. SunNet Ca Inc. shall have no responsibility or liability for the damages and costs incurred by the subscriber not receiving an SMS or Email message on time for any reason. The SMS and Email reminder or confirmation messages will only be sent when an action may be required by you (i.e. opt in for confirmation message or you may need to extend your parking if permissible)

9.      iMoved (as part of the premium service)

iMoved is a GPS based service available to premium account holders using the ViPERMIT app that is designed to reduce the risk of over-paying, by providing pop-up reminders to end a parking session when normal walking speeds are exceeded. SunNet Ca makes every technological effort to provide the most accurate notification possible. Location services must be enabled for the iMoved service to work. The iMoved service may not be accurate if the parking session is activated inside buildings or in a confined environment. The iMoved service will not work if the parking session is activated via any mean other than the app.

10.  Inquiries regarding charges and/or payments

Should you disagree with a charge that was debited from your account, or dispute in good faith any amount billed to you, you have to address SunNet Ca, as soon as possible, and no later than 30 days after the relevant charge has been debited from your account, and provide us with the following information:

10.1Your name, the name of the driver, license plate#, your mobile phone number, a description of the charge where there is disagreement, giving as much as possible a clear and detailed explanation of why this charge is incorrect and any other relevant information.

10.2Should you address SunNet Ca Inc. orally, SunNet Ca inc. is entitled to ask you to send his request in writing within 7 working days.

Should this charge be a part of an invoice – you agree to pay any undisputed portion of such invoice when due. At our sole discretion, we may also request that you provide us with more information (which may include call logs, email or SMS confirmation, geo location, data usage etc.) for us to be able to examine your request. Your failure to comply with these procedures or requests will be regarded as your approval of such amounts billed to you. SunNet Ca Inc. will provide you with the results of its examination of the case in regard to your request and/or will inform you of the results of its examination in regard to your request within 10 business days. On rare occasions SunNet Ca inc. will be entitled to extend the time for which it will examine the subscribers request by an additional 10 business days. In the case that SunNet Ca Inc. finds that your complaint and/or dispute is justified, SunNet Ca will credit your account within 10 business days with the same amount which was charged in excess. Should SunNet Ca decide that your request is unwarranted, SunNet Ca will send you an explanation in writing regarding the matter within 7 business days.

11.  Your account and the use thereof

A subscriber, who has joined the service, is provided with an account by SunNet Ca. The account will include information about your activity regarding the service and the receipt of additional services, including information about times of use of parking spaces, details of debits made by SunNet Ca inc. and details of payment made by credit/debit card to SunNet Ca etc. The account will be at your disposal at any time through our website, except in the cases of malfunctions of the internet service provider or force majeure. You are able to access the account after entering mobile number and pin which are delivered to you by ViPERMIT at the time of registration to the service. The password is delivered to the you for personal use only. You are not entitled to allow any other person the use of the password, the number and/or the account.

You undertake the following:

11.1 Not to reveal the pin/password to anyone.

11.2 To keep the pin/password in a safe protected place.

11.3 To notify SunNet Ca, immediately upon becoming aware of any unauthorized use of the account.

11.4 You may not be entitled register single license plate under multiple units (if applicable) or you may not be able to transfer your account rights to another person without prior approval from your property owner(s) or administrator.


12.  Responsibility in case of stolen, lost, or unauthorized use of the account

You are responsible for all use of your account, including use that is unauthorized unless the unauthorized use is due to SunNet Ca’ negligence. You are responsible for all use of the email, registered mobile phones, including use that is an unauthorized use by you. You undertake to inform SunNet Ca immediately upon becoming aware of one or more of the following occurrences:

12.1The mobile phone which is used to activate the service was lost or stolen.

12.2There has been unauthorized use of the account.

12.3The credit/debit card which is used and registered in the account was lost or stolen.

This information should be provided to your service provider customer service by calling contact number during work hours. Should an announcement of this kind be reported to SunNet Ca, SunNet Ca will be entitled to deactivate the account until the issue has been settled.

1.      limitation of liability

SunNe Ca inc. liability for financial and/or any other damages caused to you is limited by the amount paid to SunNet ca inc. by you and apply only if such damages should occur due to SunNet Ca Inc.’s negligence or due to the contravention of SunNet Ca pledge according to the conditions of use. SunNet ca’s responsibility for these damages will cover the extent of the ticket/s paid by the subscriber (not including additional fees) due to these reasons and/or to the extent that the subscribers account is debited from these reasons.

2.      The subscribers access to the website

SunNet Ca Inc. hereby grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited right to access and use the website and the service for your own personal or company use only. You agree not to interrupt, or attempt to interrupt, the operation of the website in any way. We reserve the right to restrict your access to part or all of the Site (including any password protected areas) at any time without notice or liability. It is hereby elucidated that this use is limited and does not include nor permit reselling or commercial use of any kind in relation to the services of the website. of collection and use of the information, descriptions or costs whatsoever, use derived from the website or the content of the website, downloading or copying information to the favor of other parties and all use of data mining, robots or similar tools that serve to the collection and extrication of data. It is also elucidated to you that it is forbidden to reconstruct, to duplicate, to copy, to sell, to resell and to exploit in any different way every data and information that is connected with SunNet Ca Inc. its service or its website. You are not entitled to use any intellectual property, trade mark or graphical deign that is owned by SunNet Ca inc. without prior permission in writing. It is forbidden to use the commercial emblems and the commercial image of SunNet Ca concerning every product or service that is not of SunNet Ca’s, in any way that it is reasonable that it will cause confusion amongst the customers and the consumers, or in any way that will underestimate or will create lack of trust in SunNet Ca Inc. All the trademarks that are not owned by SunNet Ca inc. or its’ subsidiaries which appear in the website are the property of their respected owners, which may or may not be affiliated with, in relation with, or sponsored by SunNet Ca inc. or its’ subsidiaries and the you are forbidden from using them in any way without written consent from SunNet Ca inc.. Third party links and/or links to other sites that might be present on our website may not be controlled by us and we are not responsible for the availability, accuracy, or correctness of such third-party sites and/or any information, content, products or services accessible from such third-party sites. Once you leave our website and go to another site, be aware that those sites may have their own terms and conditions which might be different than ours and we recommend that you also review the privacy policy and terms and conditions of those sites. We not responsible for, and expressly renounce any and all liability related to actions of such linked sites, their terms and conditions or the content of such sites.

3.      Terminating the agreement

Subscriber or you have the right to terminate the service, at any time, by notifying SunNet Ca of the intentions in writing or orally. It is hereby elucidated that terminating the service as mentioned, does not detract from your pledges to the payment of parking fees due to the use of the service or additional services or any other pledges which were created or made by you prior to terminating with SunNet Ca Inc..

SunNet Ca inc. reserves the right to terminate or refuse to provide you with the Services for any reason, including, but not limited to the following reasons:

15.1You did not uphold your pledges according to the conditions of use including but not limited to the pledge to the payment of the parking fees and payment of additional services, fully and on time.

15.2You abused the service.

15.3You provided us with essential information that is false, misleading, inaccurate or incorrect, or we are unable to verify or authenticate any information you provide to us, should we elect to engage in such verification.

15.4We have a reason to believe, at our sole discretion, that your actions may cause legal liability for you, other users, us or third parties.

Without limiting any other remedies, we may also stop, suspend or terminate your account if you are found (by conviction, settlement, insurance or escrow investigation, or otherwise) to have engaged in fraudulent activity in connection with our service.

You agree to indemnify, defend and hold us, our subsidiaries and affiliates and each of our respective officers, directors, agents, employees, independent contractors and suppliers, harmless from any claim, demand, action, cost and expense, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, due to or arising out of any of the above reasons and/or events and/or your negligence or willful misconduct and/or your violation of any law, regulation or right of any third party.

4.      Clarifications

Questions concerning the service should be addressed to SunNet Ca Inc. customer services on 1-877-321-2377 or any of our call-to-park numbers (calls may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes). Detailed Questions concerning the conditions of use should be addressed to

5.      Privacy Policy and confidentiality.

SunNet Ca Inc. will keep all your personal information which is in SunNet Ca’s possession confidential and will not disclose any information to any third party unless required to do so for parking permit verification purposes (in which case SunNet Ca will disclose the minimum amount of information possible) or ordered to do so by law or by court order.

Part of the information provided as part of the registration may be verified periodically (for permit verification purposes ) against your existing identification details included in your organization files.

The personal information provided upon registration may be used to contact you in matters relating to your account and/or to the service. SunNet Ca may also use that personal information to verify your identity should you contact SunNet Ca in regards to your account and/or to the service. SunNet Ca inc. is bound by the Privacy Act and any other instructions or guidelines directed by the law and will respect and not harm your privacy. If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please contact our customer support centre.

6.      Security Policy

When joining SunNet CA your financial details are passed through a secure server using the latest 256-bit SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption technology. 256-bit SSL encryption is the current industry standard. If you have any questions regarding our security policy, please contact our customer support centre

7.      Governing law and jurisdiction

These conditions of use shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws in force in the State where the majority of your parking transactions took place (‘Your State’), and if no parking transactions took place then in the province of Ontario. You irrevocably and unconditionally submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Your State, the Federal Court in Your State or the provincial courts of appeal from them for determining any dispute concerning these conditions of use. You also further agree that these conditions of use shall be deemed to have been entered into, executed and performed for all purposes within the province of Ontario.

8.      Dispute Resolution


20.1 If You have any concern or dispute about the Service, You agree to first try to resolve the dispute informally by contacting the Company by providing full details of your dispute.

20.2 If any provision of these conditions of use is found unlawful, void or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision will be considered severable from the remaining Terms and Conditions, and will not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions. These conditions of use are the entire agreement between you and us relating to the service.

      21. Miscellaneous

SunNet Ca Inc. will be entitled to pass and/or to transfer, at any time, its rights and its debts towards the subscriber to a third party, provided that SunNet Ca inc. notifies the subscriber in writing 14 days in advance. Non realization of the rights of SunNet Ca Inc. according to the conditions of use does not mean that SunNet Ca Inc. concedes them. The conditions of use will be demonstrated at all times in SunNet Ca’s website. SunNet Ca announcement/s to the subscriber according to the conditions of use can be made by sending an email to the email address the subscriber has provided to SunNet Ca inc. We attempt to be as accurate as possible when describing our Services. However, we do not warrant that the service descriptions are complete, reliable, current or error-free. If a service offered on the Site or application is not as described, your sole remedy is to stop using the service or cancel the Services, if applicable contact your responsible authorities or administrator for further remedy.

All amounts stated anywhere on our website and/or app are in $CAD (Canadian Dollars) unless clearly stated otherwise.